5 Amazing Methods to Find Similar Websites Based On Your Preferences

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Ever wondered how many other great websites are on the Interwebs that you would like but you’ll never find out about? Well now you can finnaly fill up your RSS reader with lots of websites you will certainly enjoy, recommended to you by similarity algorithms. Smart, ha? Inspired Magazine made a research and presents five amazing services that do just one thing – get you similar websites based on your preferences!

Web inSuggest * the Inspired pick




Similar Sites


Similar Web

similar web



If you have other suggestion, please shoot in the comments. Thanks!

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  • henrique

    http://www.designmeltdown.com is also a great reference for designers.

  • Great list. I like Similar Sites and used xmarks for save my bookmark
    Keep up the good work

  • good designer

  • A nice list of websites to find similar websites. This idea is not very much explored but now there are some new websites that can be used to find similar websites. You can also try similarsites.net which also helps its users find similar websites.

  • thanks for share

  • Thanks for sharing these! I have found Web inSuggest very useful!

  • Eric

    http://www.similar-site.com/ is much better than any of these websites. It is the only one that allows you to configure your search.

  • Tulja

    Yeah, http://www.similar-site.com/ was better than others…

  • Sam

    There’s a new one on the scene at http://www.moreofit.com

    Supposedly it uses tags from delicious, so its results are really good. I’ve found it to be really fast and has a lot of cool filter options.

  • Michael

    There’s another new service rolling out over at http://www.parse.ly that purportedly does something similar. Accounts are being rolled out daily at this point, so time will tell how well the service works.

  • claude

    I use http://www.similarpages.com
    it suggests the most accurate list of similars!!!

  • Thanks, I often find myself trying to compare different options before choosing one.

  • Great post. Will have in mind next time. I use simmilasites

  • Nice post about similar sites, similar web it’s the best one.
    For anything else you need Online Shopping.

  • Antonio Poli

    Anybody tried http://similaronweb.com ?

  • jerry

    Using some free online tool can easy find the similar sites, example http://sitescompete.com/, just insert the url, it will show you the similar sites that you want.

  • abhi

    i also like http://similarto.us. For some website the site gives much better results than the sites you listed above but for some categories it throws pure junk but it is worth giving a try