40 fresh websites for daily visual inspiration

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Catalin is the founder of Mostash - a social marketing boutique - and he's always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.
  • chris

    nice work. thank you!

  • and where are Daily dose of imaginery?

  • Ben

    Great list mate. Thanks for the post, keep it up.

    PS: The Design Inspiration is daily updated.

  • Great collection..
    Really nice post.. :)

  • Adrien

    Could you include http://www.fubiz.net ?


  • Brilliant list! There a few i hadn’t seen before, thanks for compiling them all :-)

  • Dan

    That’s a cracking list – some of them should be essential reading for all designers. Thank you for including Dirty Mouse on there ;)

  • alesandrairde

    check out butdoesitfloat.com

  • nice work… thanks for expanding my list of followers. these look like more great design resources… thanks!

  • Excellent list. I have already subscribed to most of them and I can confirm that they’re great. You know what would make the list even better? Adding my site AisleOne. http://www.aisleone.net ;)

  • Nice! Really good list here… thanks.

  • Thanks for the mention… some great websites up there.

    Human Resources

  • Great list. Bookmarked, followed etc. I feel the inspiration coursing through my veins now ;)

  • very good post! thx for sharing :)

    i tried to subscribe your rss, but unfortunetly i get an error :/

  • Fubiz… Maybe the best ;-)

  • Thanks for including grain edit!

  • Can I add http://siteinspire.net to the list? :-)

  • Great list..! i check some of the ones on the list daily.. as well as my own http://youngurban.com

  • Thanks for the great comments. I’ll add the new ones to the list and the RSS feed will be up tonight. Stay tuned!

  • Syzygy

    The sites are great, no need for twitter links though, twitter is a lame useless n00b fad.

  • nice list thanks..

  • Steve

    Great list, if I may suggest another, check out http://motionspire.com for motion graphics inspiration. Its a great resource for web, print, and of course motion designers.

  • Amazingly awesome list. I have been giving it some rep on twitter as well as some floats! Cheers,

  • If you’re looking for css based websites inspiration visit http://CreamyCSS.com – it’s a good addition to your list ;)

  • leo

    how do i put advertisments on my page….
    i would really like to know
    and can u advertise my page…

  • Great info, very coool.
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  • Thanks for this wonderful list! I will retweet. ;)

  • Hi..
    Cool list,thanks for taking the time to research and posting it on the web it might have taken a while in doing this.
    Anyway the list would be of great help and would serve as a good source of reference for all designers.

  • Very great list!

    I actually just launched an daily inspiration website a couple weeks ago, maybe it will make the cut next time:

    http://creatinginspiration.net/ shameless plug ;)

    Keep up the good work Catalin!

  • Can I add http://mogdesign.eu/blog
    It is my fresh webdesign blog, I have a similiar post about 50 webdesign blogs with highest Google PR

  • The topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay attention to when choosing what to write about?

  • What, no Binky the doormat?


  • Epenisa

    100% agree with you Steve.

  • geezer

    Great List!

    You guys should really check out Colectiva- http://colectiva.tv/blog

    Although these guys haven’t hit the mainstream yet, their blog is a daily must for me. Great taste overall, in full english and spanish versions, and usually a place to see very inspiring work before it hits most blogs.

    Also, they seem to be one of the few blogs that makes a constant effort as to not take themselves too seriously, which honestly is quite refreshing to me. Big ups then!

  • nice list, although I wouldn’t call COLOURlovers “fresh” they and that design has been around for quite awhile…

  • Thanks for this one :)
    Im right about to start a site like the mentioned.

  • Great collection..

  • Thank you for good information


  • Very good collection.

    Thanks you admin..

  • nice list, although I wouldn’t call COLOURlovers “fresh” they and that design has been around for quite awhile…

  • Thank yoy, good mach info!

  • Nice collection.

  • abduzeedo

    What about abduzeedo.com?

    Thanks ;)

    • because here is about fresh websites and yours is a Cla$$ic :]

      • Super list. Inspired Mag rocks

  • Very Nice! Really Useful list here… thanks.

  • Opale

    Could you include http://www.pixiome.fr ?

    Thanks !

  • Very surprised not to see FFFFound on the list:

    Otherwise great list.


  • Many thanks for this awesome list!

  • nice work.

    Check out http://happenstancemagazine.com also!

  • Excellent compilation. Thanks for your sharing

  • You’ve created a really nice collection. Some of these sites really stand out, and are great additions to this list.

  • It’s just… wow! It’s awesome fo our inspiration!

  • Nice collection. Thank you.

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  • nice work.You’ve created a really nice collection.
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  • Nice websites, all are great resources for inspiration.

    Thanks for share.

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  • Thanks for sharing. This is really a nice collection.

  • I am inspired already. Checking out the work of art could give you an idea with your next project.