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Inspired by an article from Blogsessive – How a Great Backlink Can Make You An Instant Success – I started to scan my favorite design blogs in order to see who’s accepting guest writers. To my surprise I found no more no less than 20 well known blogs from the design & development ecosystem that are looking for awesome freelance writers. So if you want to become a star writer or to pump some Google PR juice in your blog, now it’s time – Write for them:

Web Design Ledger


We are always looking for web designers with a passion for what they do and a bigger passion for sharing what they know. If you would like to write articles for this site contact us at the address below, and send along some links to your work or writing

Net Tuts +


If you’d like to write for us, prepare a tutorial that you think will appeal to our audiences. When it’s formatted and ready, email it to nettutsblog@gmail.com

Ae Tuts +


Aetuts+ is always looking to source out talented motion graphics and VFX artists to create tutorials for the site. If you love After Effects and know more than a thing or two, we would love to hear your pitch for a tutorial you’d like to create for us.

In The Woods


If you’d like to write for us, prepare a tutorial that you think will appeal to our audiences. When it’s formatted and ready, email it to sitemanager@themeforest.net

Fuel Your Creativity


Fuel Your Creativity is always on the lookout for great guest writers who also happen to be kick-butt creatives. You’ll get your name known and expand your exposure

Fuel Your Writing


Posts must be original pieces, written for Fuel Your Writing.

Tutorial 9


We’re looking for talented individuals to contribute articles to Tutorial9. If you’re skilled with Photoshop, Photography, or Blogging, we’ll pay you $150 to $300 for your work.

Design Reviver


We are always on the look out for talented designers willing to share their work (icons, wordpress themes, photoshop actions) or write design tutorials. See the sidebar!



We are currently looking for talented artists, designers, and writers to join the Colorburned Team. If you are interested in writing an article or tutorial for this site you may submit your idea using the form below.

Inspired Magazine


If you have a creative idea in mind, already have a blog and want to share an inspirational graphic roundup or article with the Inspired Mag readers, you should give us a shout on hello@inspiredm.com

Ux Booth


Thanks for considering contributing content to our blog. On this page you can submit a guest post to be published here on UX Booth. Please fill out the necessary details in the submission form below

The Floating Frog


Can you write original content to a good standard about these things that you like?

Freelancer Switch


We’re looking for contributors both regular and one-off to FreelanceSwitch. So if you have something to say about freelancing, send in your article or article pitch.

Freelance Folder


If you’re a writer and know a lot about freelancing, working online or owning a small business, you can give great advices on branding, marketing, productivity, dealing with clients, or you can write ‘how-to’ posts, please get in contact with Mason

Make Use Of


We are always looking for more writers to help us turn the site into something bigger and better than ever before – and our next star writer could be YOU.



Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a lot to say but lack the ability to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for Mashable? Then look no further.

Think Vitamin


Want some amazing publicity? Are you a talented designer, developer or web entrepreneur? We’d love for you to write for Think Vitamin! We’re looking for some great new authors who would like to write on the following subjects

Webdesigner Depot


I’m looking for talented blog writers to join our team of writers at www.webdesignerdepot.com

Smashing Magazine


Writing takes time; a close examination of recent developments and current tools takes time; and finally preparing the article for our readers takes time. To provide our readers with even more good stories and useful insights we can use your help.



If You want to write and publish design related articles to 1stwebdesigner drop me a line or two. Why You should want to do that? I am regularly updating content, publishing it in every possible way to get people coming to this site


PS: If know any other design blog that should be added to the list, please leave a link in the comments.

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  • I would also suggest to you my own 1stwebdesigner site you missed, though I think you missed many beautiful blogs, which are even paying very well for quality articles so you get backlinks, payment and personal contact – all in one!

    • I think you should suggest some links rather than deliver negative feedback. cheers!

      • Hey, I didn't mean negative feedback!

        I definitely think sixrevisions should be included, noupe.com ( only thing you must contact with them personally). These are just examples, what I mean – if you write good articles and don't put payment in the first place -every design blog owner would be just happy to get some guest post and daily relief.

        Of course, if payment is the first focus, there should be another list be created showing actually how much people pay for quality articles..:) Sounds like good article idea for me:)

        Finally thanks for adding my site, I really appreciate!

        You should also fix SmashingMagazine title, now it's a little bit misspelled.

        Have a good day :)

  • Great post for me since I'm currently looking for some sites to become active. Thanks.

  • CathyStucker

    Anyone looking for guest posts, or opportunities to guest post, should check out http://BloggerLinkUp.com/. It's a free service to connect bloggers and guest posters. We always have an interesting assortment of offers, and anyone can submit a request for guest posts or an offer to write guest posts.

  • lukesbeard

    I approve this post , great list.

  • Cyanatrendland.com is also looking, but its not only in Design, its a little more wide… Fashion, photography, trends, art, design… if you guys are interested… contact us on http://www.trendland.net

    • Rachael Phillips

      Hi. I can’t seem to find a contact email on the Trendland web page, please can you send me one? I would be interested in blogging about interior design on your site. Thanks.

  • Great article but really miss some good blogs..

    Sixrevisions, Noupe, myinkblog, problogdesign, all the tuts+ network: flashtuts+, cgtuts+, psdtuts+, vectortuts+, and also all the fuel network etc…. normally they pay for the article some good money but for free, there are even more.

    Anyway is a great idea for a post.

  • I agree, great idea for a post!

    The Web Squeeze is always looking for talented writers for articles or tutorials on anything related to web design and development. We can pay as well… just give is a shout via our contact form.

  • AREA 1 is looking for guest writers too. Take a look here :)

  • Vicky

    Another one for the list is Johnny Holland. Johnny is more for case studies, opinions, and other more unusual pieces (not tutorials).

  • sqayyw Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  • thanks for sharing but You should also fix Smashing Magazine title.

  • This is a comprehensive list with many good blogs. A must-have list for every freelancer. Other blogs suggested above by others also look very interesting!

    Submiting articles and guest posts on popular blogs with high PR is definitely one of the most effective ways to build your blog’s ranking in search engines.

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  • Although a fairly focussed site, Processed Identity is alway looking for articles relating to brand development.


    Thanks for the list.

  • interesting post, thanks, with the multitude of blogs lately, i like the amount of good info we are able to find

  • Jimmi

    Net Tuts is the best!thank you!

  • Great post,good sites to inspireoff and studdy

  • interesting post, thanks, with the multitude of blogs lately, i like the amount of good info that we are able to find

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  • interesting post, thanks, with the multitude of blogs lately, i like the amount of good info that we are able to find on just about everything.

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    As they say in China – Do not be concerned with things outside your door. :)

  • 99hunt recently launched blog and looking for co founder/technical writers. Please mail us at 99huntinfo@gmail.com if you are interested.

  • htmlslicemate.com is looking for talented Blog writers on Web Design and WordPress…mail us at mail@htmlslicemate.com

  • Well thank you for that list and all the other commenters who have given me other places to go to! I have myself just started to get into blogging and I am finding out new ways everyday to build up a readership. I understand that writing for other blogs is usually a good way to go. I hope to one day get to a point in where I will be hiring writers myself! But maybe not too soon because I actually quite enjoy writing for the time being. Anyway just wanted to say thanks. and here is a link to my blog http://camillejbdesign.blogspot.co.uk/ constructive criticism is welcome.

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