20 Streetwear Blogs for Hype Shopping & Design Inspiration

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Every now and then any design addict needs a break from the websites he’s on all the time, a breath of fresh air. And – as usual – Inspired Mag is here to save the day. We come up with a list of 20 absolutely inspiring streetwear blogs from head to toe. Enjoy and share others in the comments!

Long Awaited


Slam X Hype


Sneaker Freaker






Refinery 29


Being Hunted














BH Magazine








Street Peeper




Sneak Hype


The Clones


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  • Don’t forget about Hollars and Dollars! http://www.hollars-dollars.com, watch for the new A-Trak interview!

  • nice selections, thanks for inspire..

  • Kathy

    Great post…Also wanted to share my recent love! http://www.street-spotted.com

  • Excellent list for inspiration!! Taking a break and loving the eye-candy over here. Cheers!!

  • Dont forget LimitedHype (http://limitedhype.com/) ! I think they have one of the best blog designs out right now!!!


    Dont forget ViaComIT ( http://viacomit.net )

  • homeBiscuitsAndGravy

    had to reach for the Beano with this one. gave me an enormous case of gas. streetwear is dead. what’s next.

  • Great stuff as always. Love street culture sites. They always have some crazy cool stuff.

  • -D

    Great list, not to mention http://www.lardisfat.com

  • SNEAKHYPE……..yeah….great list!

  • Great list… maybe check out http://www.datnewnew.com to!

  • AXE

    These sites are awesome, check out this site also, its amazing too: http://www.sweetbakerygoods.com

    These guys are also doing their thing, its beautiful

  • nice collection. Great Sneakers ans Shirts. thank you. :)

  • Come on man onsmash is part of the new music cartel and hit you with the hotest vids, latest music, new kicks and latest in cutting edge design with an edge. You can’t not mention these dudes and talk about street, even Rolling Stone cats big up these dudes catch up kermit

  • Dope List!

  • xyxjasilixyx

    Wow nice.

  • Nice compilation – very inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Lippe

    Don't forget http://www.tierze.ro/
    A blog for german sneaker heads! :)

  • loppa

    And then there's http://www.rottenfresh.com. Fesh eyes on street fashion and culture…

  • unknome

    mad love for MSW, MiamiStreetWear.com

  • Very impressive list. I completely agree, although LimitedHype should be up there.

  • Great article.visited your site for first time today,but i must say your write is of top notch and i will surely frequent your site. One of the fabulous informations on shopping. I do many of these things already, but look forward to implementing the others.

  • Don’t forget about Gymtops.com either. A different side to Streetwear VS MMA

  • b
  • Люди, хочу вам рассказать о сообществе по продаже и покупке одежды

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  • Gerald

    My pick is http://www.doubleselect.com... all the best in footwear.. they also do a series called shoe shots..

  • slicksense

    Do not forget slicksenseclothing.com a must!!!

  • Some good suggestions but you forgot Naste Magazine http://realnastystuff.wordpress.com/
    They not only pick the best new trendy wears but also interview companies and do honest reviews.

  • Andrew

    a nice one from Australia is Empire Ave. http://www.empireave.com

  • liz

    Great list, but a ton of additional ones out there too, it looks like. Also awesome is the one from PopThreads: http://blog.popthreads.com/

  • Damion Green
  • Spencer Gold

    Hmmm how come http://www.muffinmilk.com isn’t here? I think you def. overlooked the street scene in NYC.

  • nice collection and great list.

  • Great list. Definitely check out http://www.freshyardblog.com.

  • Adi

    I am fan of http://www.highvoltagekicks.co.uk

    Some of the exclusive footwear on this site has me in tears. Late 80’s – 90’s flashbacks with my Nike air ones and the Brazilian girlfriend I kept secret from my teenage friends! Lovin it

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  • Great list! Thank you

  • [[[[[[[[[[ http://www.altimitclothing.com ]]]]]]]]]] coming soon! melbourne, australia! check us out!

  • Hi, This is very nice!

  • Crazy Cartel

    If you like Urban clothing, check out the brand Crazy Cartel at http://www.crazycartel.com and check out the promo video at http://www.youtube.com/CrazyCartelClothing

  • Johnny Man
  • Andrew

    throwing in http://www.hispotion.com – you’ll surely love it!

  • Hey, great post. I really enjoyed checking out this list as we are working on redesigning our streetwear blog right now.

    Also, I noticed that the Sneaker Freaker link is actually pointing to Guillotine. Minor little error, but I figured I would bring it to your attention.

    Thanks for great content!

  • Check out http://fresh-ish.com/ they have dope designs!

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  • Chris

    Check out new brand coming soon. (Instagram) @ExquisiteClothing

  • Chris
  • Jane Smith

    Helpful review. Indulge more with streetwear fashion! :)

    Incidentally, since you are also a big supporter of streetwear, you should really come check out SuperDap! They have some of the planet ‘s many superior labels on-board. Neighborhood Japan, AAPE Clothing, HBA Clothing, Kenzo Paris etc. I think you’ll like plenty of what you see! Anyways, it was good to be here to share this moment with you.


  • Sophia Quinn

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