10 Social Bookmarking Websites for Non-Stop Visual Inspiration

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Right after the Delicious craze, there was a niche bookmarking system that hit the visual junkies: Ffffound – the heaven of visual goodies! Two years and a billion images after – everybody is still craving for invites. But in the meantime the bookmarklet gained mainstream success so today we can make not a top 3 or top 5, but a TOP 10 visual bookmarking services for your non-stop inspiration. Please contribute with more ideas in the comments section.



Nizmlab is a video sharing site managed by video editors. We categorize and rank the newest and most interesting internet videos of the moment.



The thing that got this started and still the most popular visual bookmarking service.



vi.sualize.us (read visualize us) allows you to remember your favorite images around the web, and share them with everyone.



Typeish is showcasing a careful selection of inspirational, provocative, intoxicating, exquisite, design, and art images.

We heart it


We see many great images on blogs and websites around, and now you can put everything you saw and liked on the same page to look again whenever you want.



Dropular is a media bookmarking service loosely based on the idea of a droplet contributing to a pool, filling it ever-so slightly one by one.



Imgfave is an image bookmarking service that allows you to save all your favorite images from around the web in one convenient place. You can also follow to users you like to keep up to date on what they’re adding.



A daily collection of visual goodies witch you can contribute to on the fly.

We Love Typography


A veritable cornucopia of all things type, typography, lettering, and signage.



PicoCool is a global community dedicated to uncovering the cool, whether in art, design, environment, culture, architecture, fashion, travel or technology.


Everybody enjoys things


Enjoythin.gs is a place where you can keep track of things you enjoy. You can enjoy a whole web page or you can even enjoy a specific photo on that page.

Yay Everyday


The daily source for everything visual.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Nice post.
    my favorite one is vi.sualize.us :)

  • yayeveryday is an image bookmark ;) lol. I know, they’re not positioning themselves as a bookmark site ;))

  • christophe

    Nice top
    yay!everyday is cool, look my profil http://yayeveryday.com/people/436, but it’s not bookmarking website!
    if someone have a invite for ffffound, dropular, … my e-mail : christophe.deces@gmail.com

  • problem

    We Love Typography and Condense has the same URL!!!

  • RJ

    “We Love Typography”‘s Hyperlink is wrong !
    and Thank you very much

  • @Dmitri & christophe – I know but I couldn’t resist.
    @RJ – fixed!
    @janji – did I? :D
    thx all

  • @matiasjajaja Added! thx

  • Rob

    Oooo…spelling fail on the header image! Bookmark has two “o”s not one ;)

  • @rob fixed, thx for finding the typo

  • Nice List of Inspiring Websites.

    I visit most of them everyday! :)

  • Nice post thanks for the inspiration list..

  • great post! thanks for inspire us

  • Awesome list

  • tim

    I made a wordpress version of ffffound using image plugins, tags, and scribefire plugin for firefox. I bundled it up and it’s available for download on my site.

    I love ffffound, but having your own personal gallery of images that inspires you helps with creativity soo much when you’re stumped.

  • Thanks for the list; even though, nothing caught my eye.

  • I’m missing ComputerLuv at http://www.cpluv.com/. I think they belong on the list as well even as they aren’t totally a bookmarking site, there social so.

  • wonderful list.thank’s a lot.

  • BS”D

    Thanks for this – good to see creative niche projects where information and opinions are not lost the way they can be on the larger general sites.

  • technically, share some candy isn’t a bookmarking site, but it reads like one. no naked people images on here either (so it’s safe for work and younger folk). there are actual artists and curators posting lots of great material every day.

  • in this site u can search any video

  • I wonder if there would be such a buzz about FFFFOUND! if people could actually just sign up for an account, instead of having to beg everybody for an invite? I’m guessing not – I mean it’s a great site, but come on, how long has it been going, and it’s still in private beta??

  • Some very nice ideas here. Thank you for your list. Its really useful for me.

  • the information provided was an excellent article thank you super…

  • SmithR

    A great french inspiration web blog : http://viacomit.net

  • ed

    The address of the site is vi.sualize.us NOT 8

  • You have nice collection of social bookmarking sites.
    I totally agree, Social bookmarking sites are major role in link papularity.
    Thanks a lot.

  • cdaitch

    I don't know if it's that big a deal but I founded an image based social bookmarking site called hipstr that we launched 3 weeks ago. Let me know what you think…


  • chungdesigns

    FFFFOUND is nice and all, but I think the content there only comes from a few different sources. The sites with open registration show pictures from all over the web. FFFFOUND being closed Beta may attempt to keep the “bad” pictures out, but in doing so, they are missing a world wonderful images.

  • Hi, thanks for the info. I would also like to share PR2 do follow social bookmarking site

  • Thank you for this good list! I started bookmarking my site and asking my friends to do so if they would and it’s definitely helping.

  • Mark

    Hey, great list!

    What do you think of http://www.feedwatching.com?

    It aggregates all inspirational sites and blogs.

  • Walter

    Nice article. By the way, here’s another social bookmarking site, http://www.savethislink.net . It’s dofollow. Thanks. :)

  • I never thought of bookmarking images, but I can see how neat it would be to share some really interesting images. Social bookmarking is certainly expanding to new horizons!

  • Thanks! These are all great!

  • Great collection. This is great because it is more niche than Delicious.

    I just joined Vidque http://vidque.com/user/alexfreshalex/

  • Asif

    Hi…!!! Welcome to wap.NONSTOP.az :)

  • great collection. I’m on typograpy

  • ja-ta.com

  • Grest post thank you for your lsit

  • As the product manager of Inslices, I will suggest to add one more “visual bookmarking” website: http://www.inslices.com. Not only because I need to promote it, but we do need as much feedback as we can to improve our beta version.

    Thx for testing it


  • Very interesting post – Might be old new, but it was new to me. Just subscriped to your RSS feed.. Thanks.


  • I like Friendfeed. I wanted to give visualize.us a go, but the ff extension is not compatible with ff 3.6.3…..ain’t that a bummer!

  • Tnx for the gr8 social bookmarking sites list. I would also like to add
    Dofollow social bookmarking site

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  • Good Collections but some of the major sites are not available in this like Facebook , Myspace , ibiboo

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  • Steve Harris

    Nice comprehensive list of visual bookmarking sites!

    Would like to add SMASH Bits to the list.

  • it is nice posting…
    thanks for sharing..

  • hei guys!
    I just found this really cool community http://imggot.com , a visual diary and an image bookmarking website.

    really cool

  • Thanks for useful article!

  • James Carter

    Found a new one: http://www.bagorites.com.
    You can bookmark images and videos… still beta but is very cool!

  • Teresa Mendes

    http://www.bagorites.com has a new version.
    It’s really very nice.

  • I have got picocool.com membership, if anyone likes to get account there please contact me :)

  • For interior design images, architecture building etc, http://davinong.com. great place to share your found

  • Gr8 work Keep it on

  • thanks for the list…this is great…

  • Steve
  • Good stuff here! Thanks for the info! Will try some of them.

  • roy

    Actually these sites are really nice, but most of the time feel some difficulties in loading entire site due to heavy graphics. But these are very attractive. eggig.com

  • Bollywood
  • One more website for Social Bookmarking newsvoting.com

  • Dali

    If you consider yourself to be an eccentric. Check out http://thegrunch.com

  • ayaan3

    Also add idwork.org this is both image and video bookmarking site. Though it is a invite only. But you can submit a request there.

  • Some of the sites already dead now, like PicoCool .

  • most of them are out of business now, i found wookmark.com recently.. not sure how effective it is

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  • Take a Look at Contentle (http://www.contentle.com). Contentle is the social bookmarking and content curation tool. It helps to arrange various types of content such as web pages, links, photos, videos, and texts. It allows sharing of the items or collections of items with friends and colleagues. Visual bookmarks, intelligent search, different view modes, RSS reader, tagging. Contentle is easy to learn and intuitive to use and will keep pace as your skills and needs grow.

  • Though some of the sites are dead, some are still dominating the visual bookmarking industry like vi.sualize

  • PrepressIndia

    Thanks for shearing these bookmarking sites.

  • Rohit Chhibber

    I found this one http://imgpic.org/

  • Weblover now easily saw non-stop visual inspiration on the online.

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