10 Outstanding White & Minimal WordPress Themes

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This time we have a minimal design selection, for all you clean freaks out there :] It’s great to notice that the minimal design gets some love from the WordPress theme developers, in a world full of ‘grundge’ and visually overcrowded design. Please use the comments box to share your opinions and suggestions.

Min | $25 | Details | Demo


A minimal WP theme with many options to make your blogging life easier

Honcerate | $20 | Details | Demo


Honcerate is a nice Community WordPress Theme, that may be used not only for creating your own community theme, but for your own blog / magazine etc

WP Addiction | $25 | Details | Demo


WP-addiction is an Fresh, Stylish and Clean , with a lot of simplicity and perfection. It has been professionally designed to be easily addapted and modified to suit almost any kind of blog

Publication | $25 | Details |Demo


Publication is a simple but well designed WordPress theme that is very easy to setup and use. It requires zero plugins and has some neet features built right in

Traveling | $25 | Details | Demo


Clean and nice looking wordpress theme. Very intuitive Theme Options Page from where you can select the desired header image, insert Google Analytics code or choose those 4 125*125 Ads that will appear in your sidebar

Octofirst | $30 | Details | Demo


This is a WordPress theme which can provide both CMS and Blog functionality. Best for business / corporate / portfolio websites

Benzo | $30 | Details | Demo


Benzo is simple and clean WordPress theme and comes with some nice features, like an image gallery, Youtube gallery, etc

WhiteLite | $25 | Details | Demo


Whitelite is packed with options for simple customization without any knowledge in html or php to make your site exactly the way you want it

Cleanism | $25 | Details | Demo


Cleanism is a clean, minimal and sleek WordPress template made to showcase your portfolio. The design was created to blend into the background and make your work stand out

Minimal WordPress Portfolio | $25 | Details | Demo


This template is packed with great features: custom Fading Taglines, easy to edit, large home promo items, custom admin page: edit colors, options, tagline, footer and much more

Bonus – Boardwalk | $59 | Details | Demo


OK, enough with the minimal stuff! Here is a cool new theme with Random Header Graphics (rainbows, kites, planes), Random Footer Graphics (beach huts, crabs), Customizable Weather Feed, Two Column Layout, Widget Ready, Adsense Ready and more


For a bigger selection and to stay updated with all the new WordPress releases, check out WP Zoom

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  • David Ferguson

    Trying to nominate yourself.. awesome :)

  • Thanks for featuring two of my themes! (Min and Minimal WordPress Portfolio)

  • was there no free theme like the above list

  • Jake

    Check out Modicus remix for a great free minimal wordpress theme

  • Great themes. Thanks for sharing.

  • i like Honcerate design very clean and yet professional looking design.

  • I really like this Benzo theme… hmmm…

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Honcerate get my vote…

  • Great themes..

  • Brilliant themes, I like the minimal look on blog and websites in general, website that offer too many distractions tend to put me off doing what I went to the site for in the first place.

  • Guy

    How are some of those minimal?
    I mean if you look at http://guyro.com/minimal-wordpress-theme/ ..that’s minimal. Sure it doesn’t have to be white and boring, but minimal means ridding a design of all possible distractions, focusing on content, making it easy to navigate and as user friendly as humanly possible with as few clicks required to move around as possible.

    Some of the themes listed, while top notch, are not at all minimalistic in the least.

  • Yeah, some of these are very, very far from minimal. One of my favorite genuinely minimal themes if Manifest by Jim Barraud: http://jimbarraud.com/manifest/ Incredibly simple yet stylish at the same time.

  • Oh yeah, and it’s free, too.

  • very nice themes i must say, Min caught my eye. Wish they were free. Anyways great post. :)

  • Nice collection:) I am looking for one particular theme which I saw I while ago but cannot find it anymore…

  • Great collection…..Thanks…

  • great themes

  • Thanks. really like the Publication