10 Inspiring Small Business Websites That Set New Webdesign Standards

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Now if you want to start a new business these days you sure have a few good examples on how your website should look like. Here is a roundup with our favorite small biz web designs. Have fun!

Mail Chimp


We Make Email Marketing Easy & Fun For Over 80,000 Users



Text editor + file transfer + svn + CSS + Terminal + Books + More = Whoah.  Welcome to Coda. Grow beautiful code



Free calls, video calls and instant messaging over the internet. Plus great value calls to phones anywhere in the world

37 Signals


A Better Way To Work.  Over 3 million people use our web-based apps to get things done the simple way



Wistia is a platform for video marketing, sales, and collaboration.  Share and track video with prospects, customers, and employees

Sugar Sync


Get all of your files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC, or mobile device.  No extra effort. No extra baggage

The Invoice Machine


It’s beautiful and simple-to-use interface makes producing professional looking invoices a very pleasant experience



Mint is an extensible, self-hosted web site analytics program. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity

Get Satisfaction


Get Satisfaction brings customers and company employees together to make things better for everyone

Buy Sell Ads


Serving 1 billion + impressions across 1,000 websites per month

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Skype is not even close to a small business. It was sold for 1.7 Billion a few years ago, remember? To eBay, a truly huge business.

    • Yeh Skype is now not close to small business anyways nice collection of websites


  • mao

    ^^^^ I was thinking that ^^^^^ but they are inspiring designs though :)

  • Is it just me or do the majority of the sites follow the exact same “standard” layouts. They all look great, but they are almost all very similar. Big intro box with 3 or 4 equal sized areas below. Jus’ sayin’. :P

  • But other websites are small with confidence.

  • i think we must have a good strategy to succes in this project

  • Interesting post. I think you should have focused on the successful elements used across these sites.

  • Hum they all kind of look the same to me..

  • Why are these websites a success …?

    It’s quite obvious that the layout, or the ‘looks & feel’, of these websites is very boring and almost the same. So that will not be the big factor of success, … then what is?

    Hoping to hear more about your vision/thoughts about this subject? Cheers & Ciao ….

  • Roomba

    80,000 users – damn, that’s one small business….

  • Yeah Skype is huge, but maybe it started out as a small business and went corporate. It happens often especially with smoothly run businesses that invests faithfully in advertising to grow it's customer base.

  • Good for these guys. With some smart advertising, these small businesses can take there businesses to the next level.

  • check out ours… http://www.atmediadesign.com


  • Phil

    It is funny that you consider some of these “Small Business” like skype … wtf?

  • Check out ours

  • Some great work here and some websites I have not explored yet and will be soon.

  • Harold

    pretty poor list and you are really stretching to link them to a general theme. Shame.

  • Yeah, these are all really samey to me, and not particularly interesting. Effective they may be, but in terms of originality they may as well be workign from the same template

  • It is s not fair to the small business to list sites like Skype

  • I agree. Skype shouldn’t be listed here. Check out our small business: http://www.soloago.com


  • KC

    Also check out Upspring Social.

  • I kindly have to disagree with most of the sites posted on this page. Granted most of these are small business that have seen a great deal of success, but for someone searching for a good website design for their small business (probably just getting started for the first time) the last thing on the priority list (again, IMO) is to make your site look like the big boys. Design is important, yes, but the cost associated with such a look is prohibitive for most small business owners just starting out.

    Of course, if you’ve still got the stars in your eyes and you have to spend big dollars on a classy looking website, you’re probably also going to be the type to go out there and get your office space total pipped out with new furniture and the latest technology before you’ve even figured out how to make the money come in. It’s not a recipe for success with small businesses, and from experience I can say it just doesn’t work.

    What does work is finding a practical solution (like WordPress) and a reasonably priced web developer to get your site up and running with minimal bells and whistles, especially if your primary business is not online.

    Now if your primary business is online, that’s something of a different matter, and it would seem to me that it would then at that point be very beneficial to become versed in web development yourself or have someone on hand that you can trust. Perhaps, you would want to make your website stand out a bit more, but again always within reason and within budget.