Gotta love a city that surprises you. Taking its typical elements and reconstructing them in new, fun and socially aware ways has been the weapon of choice of many urban interventionists who managed to inject a dose of playfulness and provocation in the urban scenery.  Some of them have done a great job in making a point on social and political issues and serve as an inspiration to citizens to participate in reshaping their environment. And do urbanism themselves. People meet in architecture.

This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings - a community-driven and openly editable encyclopaedia of buildings from around the world. 

J. Mayer H. Architects: Metropol Parasol

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: J. Mayer H. Architects

OAB Ferrater & Associates: Seaside Promenade of the Playa Poniente

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage:

BIG + JDS: Maritime Youth House

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: BIG + JDS

Selgas Cano: Factoria Joven

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: Roland Halbe

Beijing Institute of Architectural Design/Weiping Shao: Un-Forbidden City

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: Weiping Shao

Collectif Etc: Place au Changement Public Plaza

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: Collectif Etc

Studio Weave: The Longest Bench

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: David Barbour


Miralles Tagliabue EMBT: Diagonal Mar Park

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: Jason Goecke

Field Operations: The High Line

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage:  Iwan Baan

Ecosistema Urbano: Eco-Boulevard in Vallecas

10 Inspired Urban Scenariosimage: Emilio P. Doiztua, Roland Halbe