This is a guest post by Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CTO of Appboy, a customer relationship management platform for mobile applications. Through data, insights, and diagnostic information powered by Appboy’s SDK and served through a web dashboard, the company provides platform users with enhanced channels to interact with and manage relationships with customers.

The holidays can be a stressful time. Shopping, traveling and spending time with the in-laws can be enough to make anyone go crazy. Here are 10 app recommendations that will help make everything run a bit more smoothly:

1. White Christmas

Add the holiday spirit to all your pictures:

2. Songza

Expert curated playlists to find the perfect music for the holidays:

3. Christmas Tale HD

A great interactive story book for kids:

4. Price Check by Amazon

Make sure you’re getting the best deal when you’re at the mall. Price check makes comparison shopping simple:

5. The Christmas List

Track all of your shopping lists and Christmas budgets quickly and easily:


6. Hipmunk

The easiest way to book your holiday travel:


7. TripIt

Fantastic productivity software to keep tabs on your flight and hotel bookings:


8. REI Snow Reports

Keep up-to-date on snow conditions at your favorite ski resorts so you know when to hit the slopes instead of eating fruit cake with the in-laws:


9. Kindle

Spend the holidays buried in your favorite book:


10. textPlus Free Texts + Calls

Keep in touch with the family without breaking the bank:


Happy Holidays!