10 Inspired Cantilever Homes

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This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings & sister site www.clippings.com! Below you will see thematic selections of inspirational architecture & design, which might help you start your very own design project and get matched with design professionals.

Cantilevers are a clever way around restricted footprints and building on steep terrains. They also come in extremely handy whenever a good panorama needs to be captured. The resulting buildings are both visually and spatially exciting – almost surreal structures of excitingly frail equilibrium.

Correia / Ragazzi: Casa no Geres

image: Correia / Ragazzi

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects: Tree House

image: John Gollings

Jakob Bader Architecture: House V

image: Kai Arndt

G.Natkevicius & Partners: Utriuose

image: R.Urbakavičiaus

MVRDV: Balancing Barn

image: Edmund Sumner

Cadaval & Solà-Morales : TDA House

image: Santiago Garcés

A.L.X.: On the Cherry Blossom House

image: Kouichi Torimura

Xpiral: Torreaguera Atresados House

image: David Frutos

Vertice Architects: The Casa PLaya Las Lomas

image: Vertice Architects

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects: Cape Schanck House

image: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects


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    Cantilevers are amazing.