This is a guest post from Antonina of OpenBuildings – a community-driven and openly editable encyclopaedia of buildings from around the world. 

Ask a child to draw you a house and the design will most likely turn out akin to some of the houses below. Far apart from their historical roots and environmental advantages, the house shaped houses touch on a notion deeply rooted in our genes of what the house – and essentially our home – looks like. The iconic quality of the archetype house is so strong it has transformed it into a pictogram as readable as the word ‘house’ itself. And hopefully, today’s pick of house-inspired houses comes as a proof that a house could feel just as housy, iconic and lovable even when stripped off all retro decor normally associated with historical houses.

Herzog & de Meuron: Rudin House

Herzog & de Meuron: Rudin Houseimage: flickr user bjdica

dRMM: Sliding House

dRMM: Sliding Houseimage: Alex de Rijke

Hitoshi Wakamatsu Architect & Associates: Tokyo Court House

Hitoshi Wakamatsu Architect & Associates: Tokyo Court Houseimage: Taisuke Inatsugu – Shinkenchiku-sha Co.

Formalhaut – Seifert+Stoeckmann: Living Room

Formalhaut - Seifert+Stoeckmann: Living Roomimage: Seifert+Stoeckmann

Moomoo Architects: L House

Moomoo Architects: L Houseimage: Moomoo Architects

Fantastic Norway: House of Families

Fantastic Norway: House of Familiesimage: Fantastic Norway

MVRDV: Balancing Barn

MVRDV: Balancing Barnimage: Edmund Sumner

Jun Ishikawa: OUCHI-01 House

Jun Ishikawa: OUCHI-01 Houseimage: Hiroshi Ueda

Cebra: Sinus House

Cebra: Sinus Houseimage: Kaj Lergaard

Herzog & de Meuron: VitraHaus

Herzog & de Meuron: VitraHausimage: Iwan Baan; copyright: Vitra