10 Fresh Must Read Blogs for Creatives – the December Edition

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December might be all about snow (for some lucky ppl!) and gifts, but the real creative souls are always in search for relevant information, always on the run with their magic mouse over the messy desk, always looking for more bookmarks and even more new posts. Here’s the list everybody! New creative blogs for you, Ho-Ho-Ho!

Design Informer


Design Informer is a web design and graphic design blog. We feature freelance articles, tutorials, freebies, resources, and inspiration posts

Great Web Apps


Great Web Apps is a live collection of the greatest web apps

Anthony Licari


Under normal circumstances you will see Anthony writing about blogging, marketing, web development, design, and social media among other things

Augmented Pro


An Augmented Reality blog community for the marketing professional who is looking to be on the cutting edge of understanding Augmented Reality as part of the overall integrated marketing mix for a company, agency, brand, or personal use

What Creative blog


What!? is the blog of a creative design agency based in Sheffield & Leeds, UK



D-Lists compiles lists of the very best in design, including anything from advertising to web design

Collectives United


CollectivesUnited is a collection of the best design roundups. You see them everywhere. 10 tutorials of that, 20 tools for this, 5 free wallpapers on a subject etc

Appboy Blog


The official blog of Appboy, the mobile apps discovery and recommendation engine, reviewing daily a creative iPhone, Android or Pre app

Creative Overflow


Creativeoverflow is a design blog for anything creative. they strive to keep their readers interested and post 4-5 articles per week

Tripping Words


Josh is a 25-year old bespectacled geek, academic researcher based in Melbourne, Australia. He loves the web and has written a thesis and spoken about youth online media. This web haunt is his space for all things beautiful and poignant, pertinent to the web

Cats Who Blog


CatsWhoBlog.com has been created on October 10, 2009 as a sister-site to my established web development blog CatsWhoCode.com This is why I decided to create Cats Who Blog: To focus on blogging tips and tricks to make money online

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • WOW! What an honor! Thank you for including the Design Informer on this list. You just made my day. :)

  • With just two articles and 1 day on the internet space, I do not think I deserve this but yes, if you ever make the list in like another 6 months I hope Inspiring Pixel (http://inspiringpixel.com) becomes a proud part too.

  • Thanks for including Creativeoverflow bro, appreciate it.

    A blog that would fit into the last space would be Catswhoblog.com or webdesignfan.com


  • Thanks for including Tripping Words! Really appreciate the mention. :)


  • for writing, creativity & sometimes productivity may I suggest http://www.timetowrite.blogs.com...

  • Appboy and D-lists I both follow and are great sites, will take a ganders at the rest thanks!

  • I already followed a few of these, but always on the lookout for new web design and development blogs. Going to have to check these out, thanks for putting together this list!

  • I’ve also recently thrown my hat into the creative blogosphere – Design and Creative media articles, tutorials, and inspiration: http://www.visualswirl.com.

  • Hey guys thanks for the list and thanks for listing me.

  • New stuff! Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with us.

  • Thanks for bringing AugmentPro under my attention. I took a look at the site and it looks really interesting.

  • Thanx for including collectives united. :)

  • Going to bounce around on these sites for a little while. Thanks for the heads up.

  • There are some great ones here. Design Informer is a good place to share your recent creative-related blog posts, in its community section in the sidebar.

    Keep it up Inspired Mag!

  • Thanks a lot for including us! Great post – there’s some awesome content here.

  • Thanks a lot for including Cats Who Blog to your list! You guys rock!

  • Thanks for sharing, some good reading here.

  • Nice blogs. Some of them already in my reading list. I like how designinformer doing with his stuff. Keep up the good work man. Hope I can give some more time beside my design projects to my blog to include in some lists :)

  • Tom

    i already read a lot of different design blogs, but there ar so much more out there!
    thanks for the links!

  • These blogs are amazing! Thanks!

  • Thanks for including Appboy! Happy we made the list. Hope you all enjoy our posts.

  • Ah! Cool Idea and Cooler list. Thanks.

  • Rod

    If you haven’t come across CreativeRoots this is another unique blog. http://www.creativeroots.org

    CreativeRoots is an art and design collection, based on countries of the world. Every post has some historical or cultural relationship expressed through art and design, which is either related to or influenced by a specific country.

  • Thanks a lot, I’d never have found Tripping Words without you. Great Stuff.