10 Excellent Services To Get Feedback For Your Design Works

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Everybody wants to receive feedback from friends about their hard work, but sometimes we also need opinions coming from complete strangers, maybe some rough critiques about aspects we might have overlooked. This way we could get some ideas on how to upgrade the work. Here are 10 excellent feedback services you should start using right now.

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Five Second Test


A simple & Free online usability test that helps you identify the most prominent elements of your user interfaces.

Concept Feedback


Designed specifically for small and medium business marketers, graphic designers, and web developers, Concept Feedback provides a simple tool to get quality feedback on marketing concepts. Best of all, it’s 100% FREE!

Design Critique


Challenge: Respond to any of our tweets critiquing a site design. Remember, it’s 140 characters MAX.



If you make an account, then push Broadcast and ask the awesome community for a design critique, you’ll get some feedback right away. Tip: don’t expect to be positive!



Create an online test and start collecting visual 360 feedback for your website or image in five minutes.

Feedback Army


Start a usability test for your web project in two minutes. Submit questions about your site and receive ten responses from our reviewers. The cost is $10.



1. Create usability test scenarios. 2. Invite testers to record the test through a link. 3. Watch and hear real people use your app.

Get Satisfaction


Get Satisfaction provides customer communities for products and organizations.



Your customers have great ideas. Are you ready to listen? Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action.



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  • nickyeoman

    Wow this is a great resource

    • thx, we have quite a few other resources coming :]

  • Robert Simpson

    Great list, but another one, and perhaps the best of the lot for usability-related feedback is Loop11. It's a great product for online, unmoderated user testing.

  • What about http://pleasecritiqueme.com/?

    I think that is one of the best websites for getting true feedback from people you know and that have been hand selected in the industry.

    • Yes, awesome service as well!
      I will update the post with the new ones

  • Fantastic post loaded with handy links — thanks very much!!

  • great stuff!!!.. useful… I will be using of them!!

  • Excellent stuff! I have these bookmarked! Thank you :-)

    • Hey Karl, thx, be sure to check back for more!

  • sabrinamach

    Another great tool for getting design feedback is Webnographer http://www.webnographer.com

  • Get a professional free feedback on your design in less than 24hrs! go to rskaik.com

  • This is a tremendous recourse…

    Thanks for the post, I have always thought it how great it would be, to add a step in the design process where we take a comp that is pushed as far as we can push it, then pass it along to complete strangers as a sorta focus group to see if the piece hits the way we think it hits…

    I am going to start implementing this step into our process today!

    Thanks & Regards
    Noel from nopun.com
    a professional graphic design studio

  • Thanks for the shout out to UX Booth :).

  • M Negi

    nice one. forgot to mention (its still in private beta though) http://www.veristlabs.com.

  • A great list. I’ve only ever used five second test and got some very helpful feedback so I’d definitely consider some other options.

  • Fantastic post.Very useful for designers.

  • from concept feedback landing here…
    a great web ^^

  • Paul

    How about http://www.noteboxapp.com

    Not really a tool for getting feedback from the design community, more of a feedback tool for sending designs to your clients for them to add notes on and make the revision process a bit smoother.

  • A very unique post. Normally these things are ignored by the web agencies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Try feedback solution by http://userthought.com

    UserThought’s solution is customizable, cross-browser and easy to integrate (1 line of HTML code).

    It provides a dynamic feedback form for your website with a bunch of cool features like feedback content annotating and feedback data preview on top of your website.

    It also has SSL security, feedback analytics, email replying, categorization, environment details detection, notification by email, export to Excel, PDF, XML, feedback delivery status and much more…

    Feedback content annotating allows users to highlight some fragment of the webpage together with feedback message.

    There are paid and free plans so you can choose the one, which fits the best.


  • There’s also http://www.whatthefeedback.com/. Very easy to use.

  • Rubosh

    An interesting service for getting feedback is the Feedback Roulette (http://feedbackroulette.com). I find their system of ratings rather interesting.

  • Excellent Tips…this is very useful for designer… great

    Thanks for sharing..

  • What about http://mobosurvey.com/ ?

    Not only can you create a feedback form but we give you the flexibility to create and edit your form/survey. Then you can distribute it in many ways. One cool way is we give you the html code so you you can embed a banner on your webpage. When a user clicks on the banner, a panel will open w/ your form.

  • Mike D

    Try http://www.feedbackguru.com – there you get feedback from experts and it is cheap- i think around $14- would recommend it.

    • Sam

      Mike- Tried this site for one of my recent projects. Received better than expected and really decent affordable feedback. Great!

  • Thanks to share your tips to get feedback … i am trying now … may be it will helpful for me …:)

  • jameswalsh02

    It Another one for the list is feedbackerr.com With that one you pay the people providing the feedback. Free feedback is nice, but people critiquing your work just to be nice might not be the best source of constructive criticism.

  • Alex

    Hi i just want to add one another tool for getting feedback on your site i am using it since long time and it’s going well so far

    If you wish to collect feedback throughout the whole customer journey online try out Feedbackly (http://www.feedbackly.com/ecommerce) feedback widget.

    Use cases
    Engage visitors and collect leads & e-mails with front-page widget
    Decrease basket churn with widget/plugin
    Collect feedback after purchase with popup/embedded survey
    Include feedback collection to your e-mails

    Unique features:
    Feedbackly (http://www.feedbackly.com/ecommerce) sponsored iPhone-competition
    Create and trigger automated instant upsell offers based on the feedback given
    View use-case examples in the demo-store! (https://www.demo-feedbackly.com/)


    Free version for up to 50 monthly feedbacks and reasonable pricing after that as well.


  • Hey Catalin – great post!
    I noticed that there’s a broken link in your post – a link to Feedback Army. Unfortunately, they’ve closed :(
    However, I have the perfect resource to place the link: UserTest.io – a remote user testing platform without the hefty price tag (https://usertest.io).
    I hope it helps :D