10 Absolutely New & Stunning Portfolio WordPress Themes for Non-Designers

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Nevermind you’re not a designer. These days just about any kind of freelancer needs a porftolio as much as he needs a blog. And why would you use another platform than WordPress, our beloved free & incredibly popular weapon of choice? Here are some of the newest and most eye catching themes released in the last few days. And be sure to check 10 Cool Photo Portfolio and Gallery Themes and 15 FreshThemes To Get The Coolest Portfolio For You Or Your Studio.

London Creative | $30 | Details | Demo


London Creative comes with fully working contact form, awesome slider for your featured images, nasty spinning slider buttons (never saw them anywhere else, so you can call it unique), 2 message buttons under the slider and PrettyPhoto plugin

Magnifico | $30 | Details | Demo


Magnifico is a profesionnal design offered in dark and light versions with an awesome admin panel, and over 30 fields to customize the theme fully

Archeronne | $25 | Details | Download


This theme is great for bloggers and for people who wish to showcase their portfolio. Its a minimal design with a nice modern feel that comes with 5 different colour schemes and the ability to easily create your own

Glass | $25 | Details | Demo


This theme has been featured on numerous “gallery sites” such as Creattica, Design Shack and The CSS Awards

Big Folio | $30 | Details | Demo


Big Slider for images and Movies (for all Portfolio categories), Full Blog or chose to have only a portfolio w/o blog, Ad management, Social Links, Theme Option page and 6 Designs

Soft Light | $25 | Details | Demo


SoftLight is a wordpress blog theme with 5 differentes colors , blue, red, green, pink and yellow . compatible with IE 6 ,7,8 Firefox , Safari, Chrome , Opera. with Jquery Slider content , six 125px x 125px banners in the sidebar and three 180px x 100px in single post

BigBrands | $25 | Details | Demo


BigBrands is the WordPress version of the popular HTML theme, focused on providing a clean, functional, and unique design with fun presentation techniques to showcase your work

PixelCraft WP | $30 | Details | Demo


This theme is a complete WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to function first and foremost as a portfolio, then as a comprehensive WordPress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout

Aperturious | $25 | Details | Demo


Aperturious is a flexible, highly-configurable, gorgeous WordPress theme with the ability to choose between 3 unique designs and 3 different layouts! Also – three awesomely designed color schemes

Contrast | $35 | Details | Demo


Contrast is a WordPress theme which is suitable for photographers, graphic & web designers, corporates with a kickass features. If you are searching something different please check the Live Preview

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