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Yesterday we introduced you to 10 amazing Edinburgh based illustrators, today we are lucky enough to bring you interviews with two of them. David Mahoney and Vana Coleman were kind enough to answer some of our questions. It was great to get a chance to pick their brains on their illustrative approaches and very unique techniques. David [...]

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Every web designer will tell you that one of their most important tools they is fonts. A great font can turn a mediocre design into something amazing. Last week we presented part 1 of the series, and here comes part two, check back next week for part three of these amazing holiday and Christmas fonts that [...]

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It’s always been an art to express ideas, concepts and emotions through visual elements. Some images need just a quick glance to make an impact and others require more attention and dedication to be fully captured. With new tools becoming available to the masses, style and creativity become more and more an important parameter of [...]

30 free website templates

Designing a website? What kind of business is it this time? We are asking not because of curiosity. There is a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before starting your next web project. In this article we will present 30 trendy website templates that are all free. So what is the [...]

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With the increased importance of secure https websites, a lot of webmasters will be securing their sites in 2015, or changing their domains altogether. This process can be cumbersome, and if it isn’t done properly, SEO and keyword rankings can be significantly affected. These 5 key elements will help ensure that the changeover process goes [...]


Information architecture is the formal name given to the way that information is presented and organised for viewers or audiences. In the world of online marketing specialists like the ones from, considering how information architecture affects your website design is crucial if you want to make sure that your page is effective. There are several [...]

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